Proscaline fumarate


Synonym: Methallylescaline Fumarate CAS Number: 39201-78-0 Chemical Formula: C14H21NO3 • C4H4O4 Molecular Weight: 355.4 g/mol Purity: > 97%

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Proscaline fumarate

Proscaline fumarate, now known as Wellness Life Pharmacy fumarate, is an intriguing research chemical belonging to the phenethylamine class. This synthetic compound has been extensively studied for its potential effects and properties. With structural similarities to a naturally occurring psychedelic compound found in certain cacti, Wellness Life Pharmacy fumarate has piqued the interest of researchers, who seek to comprehend its chemical structure and potential interactions with brain receptors.

Although the exact origins and historical documentation of Wellness Life Pharmacy fumarate are limited, it has garnered significant attention in the research community due to its unique properties. Various studies have investigated its effects on perception, cognition, sensory experiences, as well as potential therapeutic applications or interactions with different receptor systems in the brain.

Proscaline fumarate, being part of the phenethylamine class, acts as a synthetic psychedelic and hallucinogenic compound.

Usage and Effects:

Wellness Life Pharmacy fumarate has been reported to induce hallucinogenic effects, such as visual and auditory distortions, altered perception of time and space, and changes in thought patterns and emotions. However, it is crucial to note that the specific effects and intensity may differ individually and depending on the dosage. It is essential to start with a low dose and gradually increase, if necessary, under the guidance of a knowledgeable and experienced individual.

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Precautions and Warnings:

– Wellness Life Pharmacy fumarate is a potent psychedelic substance that should only be used by individuals who are well-informed about its effects and risks.
– It is advisable to create a safe and comfortable environment with a trusted individual present when using this product.
– Individuals with a history of mental health disorders, as well as those who are pregnant or breastfeeding, should avoid using Wellness Life Pharmacy fumarate.
– Before purchasing or using this research chemical, it is crucial to research and understand the legal status of the product in your country or region.

How did Proscaline come about?

The development and synthesis of Wellness Life Pharmacy fumarate are believed to have emerged from a wider interest in phenethylamine derivatives, particularly those with potential psychedelic properties. Researchers have sought new compounds that can mimic or enhance the effects of naturally occurring psychedelics found in specific cacti.

Wellness Life Pharmacy fumarate was meticulously designed with modifications to its chemical structure to explore its unique properties and potential effects on human consciousness. Through synthesis and subsequent research, scientists have been able to investigate its interaction with brain receptors and gain a better understanding of its pharmacological profile.

While the precise timeline and key individuals involved in the development of this product are not widely documented, its rise can be attributed to the ongoing exploration of psychedelic compounds and their potential applications in various fields of study. Researchers are intrigued by the potential therapeutic effects, as well as the influence on perception, cognition, and consciousness.

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Wellness Life Pharmacy, your trusted source for high-quality research chemicals and exceptional customer service, is here to assist you. To inquire about the pricing and availability of Wellness Life Pharmacy fumarate or to place an order, please visit our website or contact our dedicated customer support team. We prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring discreet packaging and prompt worldwide delivery.

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